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Gateway Card designs revealed

THE winning designs for the new Lyme Regis residents’ discount card have been revealed.

Gateway CardPupils from St Michael’s Primary and the Woodroffe Schools were asked to create designs for the Gateway Card, which is to be introduced by Lyme Regis Town Council.

The response to the competition was so enthusiastic, with almost 100 designs from the two schools, that three designs were chosen.

The entry from Frida Foody, a year 1 pupil at St Michael’s, will be on the front of one version of the card, with year 4 pupil Josie Smith’s design on the back of the card.

A second version of the card has been designed by Woodroffe School year 12 pupils Jack Price and Iona Adair.

The winning designs were revealed at a meeting on Tuesday when the town council met with local businesses to discuss the residents’ discount scheme.

The Gateway Card will provide discounts and special offers at local shops, pubs and restaurants to Lyme Regis residents.

The card, which will be introduced in early-2017, will be available to all Lyme residents, provided those under 16 have proof of parental consent.

The pupils who created the winning designs were presented with book tokens by Cllr Cheryl Reynolds, chairman of the council’s Tourism, Community and Publicity Committee.

Presenting the prizes at St Michael’s, Cllr Reynolds thanked the pupils for taking part in the competition.

She said: “It was so difficult to decide who was going to win because they were all amazing.

“Lyme Regis is really important to all of us and we want to carry on working with the school to help the town.”

St Michael's Primary School Gateway Card presentationWoodroffe pupils Jack and Iona had Lyme Regis very much in mind when creating their design.

Iona said: “I wanted to represent Lyme Regis, but not in a really stereotypical way. I included the ammonite lampposts because they are an iconic part of Lyme Regis, but I also wanted to include parts that mean a lot to me, like the Marine Theatre, because I have performed there and at the Big Mix festival.

“I included a fisherman because I thought that was a nice personal touch.”

As graphics students, Iona and Jack hope this project will help them in their future careers.

Jack said: “I was chuffed when I found out our design had been chosen. It’s good to have something that I can show in interviews, a physical object that we have designed.”

Presenting the prizes to Iona and Jack at the Woodroffe School, Cllr Reynolds praised the efforts of all those who entered.

She said: “They were all excellent. It was very difficult to choose a design because art is Woodroffe School Gateway Card presentationvery subjective.

“We were really impressed with the way everyone thought about Lyme Regis and related their designs to the town.”

Local businesses at Tuesday’s breakfast meeting had a first look at the designs and learned more about how the scheme will work.

Any businesses who would like to get involved in the scheme are asked to sign up by 19 December 2016, in preparation for the launch of the card to residents in early-2017.

Businesses are asked to contact the town council on 01297 445175 or by this date, together with the discount or special offer they intend to provide.

Businesses are also encouraged to contact the council for more information or with suggestions for the scheme.