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Beach showers installed on Lyme beach for Easter holidays

VISITORS and residents enjoying their Easter holidays in Lyme Regis had the added advantage of the new showers on the beach.

The showers were ready for use in time for the long weekend, when thousands of people headed to the beach.

The installation of showers on the beach was one of Lyme Regis Town Council’s objectives for 2016/17.

They have been welcomed by beachgoers and watersports’ enthusiasts, including swimmers Julia Jennings and Ali Thickett, from Hardington near Crewkerne, who swim at Lyme Regis every month.

They said: "An absolutely wonderful addition to the beach.  We look forward to using them throughout the year. 

“We thoroughly enjoy our monthly swims on Lyme Regis beach and the new showers are a fantastic addition to the experience.

“Thank you for organising their installations, an excellent idea.”

Murray Saunders, co-owner of Boylo’s Watersports on Marine Parade, said the showers would enhance the appeal of Lyme Regis to watersports’ enthusiasts.

He said: “On the south coast there are lots of great places to enjoy watersports so it’s important to make Lyme Regis unique and encourage people to choose it over any other coastal resort.

“The beach showers are a great amenity on our beach and I think it’ll add to the appeal of Lyme Regis and put us on the map as a key watersports’ destination.”

Cllr Cheryl Reynolds, chairman of the town council’s Tourism, Community and Publicity Committee, said: “I’m thrilled to see the showers in use for the busy Easter holidays.

“Our external works’ team did a great job in installing the showers so my thanks to them.

“The town council is always working to improve the town, from the day-to-day cleaning and maintenance of public areas to the implementation of bigger projects.

“We’re giving tourists more and more reasons to visit Lyme Regis and hopefully making local residents proud of the town they live in.”