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Community transport on the road thanks to council funding

TOWN council funding is helping an ‘essential’ community transport service stay on the road for the benefit of Lyme Regis residents.

The Axe Valley and West Dorset Ring and Ride Service provides transport for the elderly, disabled, poor, people with young children and those living in isolated areas.

The bus picks up passengers from their homes to and takes them to nearby towns for shopping or to use local services, and also runs the Passenger Club, providing day trips to places further afield.

Lyme Regis Town Council has supported the service with an annual grant since 1999 and has this year awarded a further £2,000.

Sandra Ward, chairman of the Axe Valley and West Dorset Ring and Ride, said: “We are so delighted to be able to accept this cheque from Lyme Regis Town Council, which has over the years been one of our greatest supporters.

“Lyme Regis residents support the ring and ride in a tremendous way and we have many passengers from Lyme Regis and district.

“We hope the good relationship with Lyme Regis Town Council continues into the future.

“We would not exist without donations, both from public bodies like Lyme Regis Town Council and individuals.”

The service operates two wheelchair accessible minibuses, serving towns and villages including Lyme Regis, Beaminster, Bridport and Seaton.

Shirley Williams, one of the charity’s directors, said: “The service provided not only to Lyme Regis, but the whole district, is bar none. It’s essential because of the lack of local public transport.”

Robbie Voaden is a new driver and has seen first-hand the benefit of the service to those who use it.

He said: “It’s essential for the local community. I hear on a regular basis that the people who use the service would be absolutely lost without it.

“All the passengers are fantastic and they really value the service.”

Cllr Stan Williams is the town council’s representative on the Axe Valley and West Dorset Ring and Ride.

He said: “We need to let people know about this service. I’m sure there are people living on the hill who can’t drive or use the bus but don’t realise the service is there.

“In a place like Lyme Regis, it’s absolutely vital.”

Mrs Ward emphasised the service was not only for people who use a wheelchair.

“You just have to have difficulty using a bus stop or not live near one,” said Mrs Ward. “We welcome people making enquiries as to whether they can use the service.”

For more details about the service, please call 01404 46520. A different area is covered each day and seats need to be booked in advance.