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Town Council Policies

Policies relating to the work of the council and its various committees will be available on this page as they are reviewed and adopted by Full Council.

Busking Policy (August 2012)

Communications/PR Policy and Communications/PR Procedure (July 2017)

Complaints Policy and Complaints Procedure (July 2017)

Corporate Plan 2017-2022

Emergency Planning Procedure (November 2018)

Equality and Diversity Policy (July 2015)

Financial Regulations (December 2017)

Health and Safety Policy (May 2016)

Information Policy and Publication Scheme (May 2018)

Major Grants' Policy (July 2017)

Management of Marine Parade and Cart Road Motor Vehicular Access (June 2015)

Member-Officer Relations Protocol (February 2014)

Minor and Medium Grants' Policy (July 2017)

Social Media Policy (September 2016)

Standing orders (September 2018)

Terms of Reference and Scheme of Delegation (May 2017)