06 August 2020

Dorset Council and Lyme Regis Town Council updates on local information services in Lyme Regis

DORSET Council and Lyme Regis Town Council remain in active discussions regarding the future of local information services in Lyme Regis.

Talks between the two councils are currently focusing on how best to continue to provide local service information in the town.

As a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, all Tourist Information Centres, along with the majority of Council offices, closed at the start of lockdown which meant discussions were paused due to significant other priorities. Discussions have now recommenced with both councils committed to working together.

Tourist Information Centres (TICs) will remain closed for the time being to allow Dorset Council to focus on re-opening critical services during the Coronavirus pandemic. TIC teams are currently helping support the Council’s Covid-19 response to support communities, which is felt to be the best use of the staffing resources available.

Due to a refurbishment of the Town Council building, Dorset Council will vacate and close the Lyme Regis Tourist Information Centre office by the end of August.  Visitor information can still be accessed during this time by telephoning 01297 442138, via email LTIC@dorsetcouncil.gov.uk or by the webform on the Lyme Regis TIC webpage on the Dorset Council website.

Discussions will continue between Dorset Council and Lyme Regis Town Council to agree how local service information in the Lyme Regis area will be provided following the refurbishment.

Councillor Tony Alford, Portfolio Holder for Customer, Community and Regulatory Services, Dorset Council said:

“We appreciate a lot has happened since the early part of this year when many of us took part in the public consultation on the future of tourism services in Lyme Regis and attended our drop-in sessions in the town. The Coronavirus pandemic has affected how we all live and work on a daily basis. We are marking the relaxation of lockdown by reviewing public accessibility to Council services and wanted to update you on progress.

“We would like to thank local residents, businesses, organisations and visitors to Lyme Regis for sharing their views about how any changes to the current Tourist Information Centre would affect them. The discussions which are taking place between Dorset Council and Lyme Regis Town Council very much centre on feedback from the public consultation and the many suggestions put forward. We value everyone’s input and would like to thank everyone for sharing their views which are being used to shape and inform the future of local information services in Lyme Regis.”

John Wright, Town Clerk, Lyme Regis Town Council said: “Lyme Regis Town Council is in active discussions with Dorset Council regarding the future of local information services in Lyme Regis. While no decisions have been made about how or where these services may be delivered, both councils are working together to find a sustainable outcome which will benefit the whole town and provide access to key local information.”

Read the consultation report here https://www.dorsetcouncil.gov.uk/your-council/consultations/pdfs/lyme-regis-tic/lyme-regis-tic-consultation-report.pdf