21 May 2018

Mayor pledges to achieve best for the town during second term

Mayor pledges to achieve best for the town during second term

The Lyme Regis mayor pledged to try and achieve the best for the town as she was sworn in for her second term.

Cllr Michaela Ellis was officially installed for her second year of office at the mayor-making ceremony in the Guildhall, when she spoke of the ‘honour and privilege’ to be mayor once again.

She will continue to be supported by husband Alan as mayor’s consort, and Cllr Steve Miller and wife Heather as deputy mayor and mayoress.

Cllr Ellis said: “The council will try to achieve the best for our town, for the residents and our visitors. We may not get it right all the time, but we do try.”

The mayor said she and Alan had attended many events in the town and around Dorset during her first year, and they would endeavour to attend as many as possible in the coming year.

Cllr Cheryl Reynolds, who nominated Cllr Ellis for the role, proposed a toast to the mayor, speaking of her many ‘personal attributes’ and how the job of chairing the council and championing the council was ‘not an easy one’.

Cllr Reynolds said it was important to have someone at the helm who was ‘strong, powerful and extremely effective, working ‘for the people, not the politics’.

She said: “Michaela is a unifying force for this council and it’s so important we have a mayor who helps us work together to achieve unity for this town.”

Former councillor David Cozens proposed the toast to Lyme Regis Town Council and spoke of the changes in local government in Dorset and how the role of the town council was not yet clear.

Mr Cozens said: “I’m sure the present council is more than capable of making that change.”

Responding, Cllr Sean Larcombe said a councillor’s primary role was to represent the people in the area, to be truthful and honest, but to also speak their mind.

He said: “Being a councillor, you have a unique and privileged position and the potential to make a difference to people’s lives.”

Cllr John Broom proposed a toast to the council’s ‘loyal and hardworking’ officers and staff.

He said: “One gets the impression from all our staff that it’s not just a job, but a positive contribution to the town they have much respect for.”

Town clerk John Wright responded on behalf of the officers and staff, who he said were ‘dedicated and responsive’, servicing over 70 meetings a year and keeping the town clean and tidy.

He said: There’s a big focus in society on things that go wrong, but most of the time, things do go right.”

Town crier Alan Vian proposed a toast to the town, which he said was made what it is by the people of Lyme Regis.

He said Lyme Regis was a town that changed with the seasons, and a place where ‘age is no barrier’.

Mr Vian said: “Our town is a constant source of happiness to people who live here and all who spend their time on holiday here.”

In response, Cllr Richard Doney talked about the ‘sheer impact’ of visitors on the town, as Lyme Regis was becoming more popular.

He said: “Our resources and infrastructure are being pushed to the limit.”

The toast to the press was proposed by Cllr Jeff Scowen. He said: “The local papers need us (the council) almost as much as we need them.”

Responding, retired journalist Geoff Baker said council business was the ‘bread and butter’ of the local media.

He said: “Lyme Regis Town Council gives our papers colour and controversy.”

Photo: The Lyme Regis Town Council mayor-making ceremony 2018. Pictured back, from left, is deputy mayoress Heather Miller, deputy mayor Cllr Steve Miller, and town clerk John Wright. Pictured front, from left, is macebearer Paul Oakley, mayor Cllr Michaela Ellis, mayor’s consort Alan Ellis, and macebearer Derek Hallett