Cemetery buildings

There are three buildings in the cemetery; two were originally chapels and one was a porter’s lodge.

The specification for the building of the chapels was drawn up in 1856 and required one for Church of England services and another for dissenters, who at the time included non-conformists and Roman Catholics.

The design for each chapel was identical, except the dissenters’ chapel didn’t have a chancel. The Church of England chapel’s semi-circular chancel, bell and bell tower was removed in the 1930s because it had become unstable.

The existing porter’s lodge was situated at the entrance gates. At one time it formed a two-roomed cottage and was later extended to form a mortuary and post-mortem room.

The Church of England chapel was re-decorated in 1892. A waiting hall, also by the gates, was demolished in the 1930s.

The Church of England chapel and burial ground are now open to all denominations. The dissenters’ chapel is now a store for two local amateur dramatics groups.