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Human Resources Committee

The purpose of the Human Resources Committee is to consider member and officer issues, including the recruitment, reward, retention, motivation and development of the staff.

The core membership of the committee for the 2020/21 council year is: Cllr J. Broom, Cllr K. Ellis, Cllr M. Ellis, Cllr B. Larcombe, Cllr C. Reynolds, Cllr D. Sarson, Cllr G. Stammers, Cllr G. Turner and Cllr S. Williams.

The chairman of the committee for the 2020/21 council year is Cllr B. Larcombe, and the vice-chairman is Cllr G. Stammers.

View the Human Resources Committee's terms of reference

2021-22 Agendas
File name
2021-06-09 Human Resources agenda.pdf
2020-21 Agenda
File name
2021-03-10 Human Resources agenda.pdf