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Civic regalia

By Royal Charter, the Mayor and Corporation of the Borough of Lyme Regis were granted authority to manage the town on behalf of the King. As a symbol of that authority, the borough was entitled to have ceremonial maces to be carried before the Mayor. In the early 20th century, the Mayor's position, when acting in an official capacity, was further enhanced by the wearing of a mayoral chain.

Lyme Regis has three maces and a mayoral chain of office. These, together with the common seal, coat of arms and other ceremonial regalia, form the town's fine collection of civic regalia.

In 1902 the people of Lyme Regis purchased an 18ct gold mayoral chain at a cost of £100. It was presented to the Mayor to mark King Edward VII's coronation. Since then, the names of Mayors have been engraved on the links and pendants have been added for succeeding monarchs.

The two identical George II silver maces are carried at the head of mayoral processions by the town's mace bearers. In 1757 the silver maces were presented to the borough by Thomas Fane to celebrate the appointment of his son, John, as Mayor of Lyme Regis.

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