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Council meetings

Our business is conducted through the Full Council, the most senior body of the council, and its six committees. Recommendations from the committees must be considered and approved by the Full Council before they can be implemented. The only exception is the Planning Committee, which has delegated authority to make recommendations on planning applications directly to Dorset Council.

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Meetings take place in the Guildhall, Church Street at 7pm unless otherwise stated. The public is encouraged to attend our meetings, listen to debate and participate in the public forum at the beginning of each meeting. Individuals have up to three minutes to speak in relation to items on the agenda, with the exception of Full Council when individuals can raise any matter relating to the town.

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Full council

The main council body which all members sit on

Environment Committee 

To discuss environmental issues and objectives

Human resources committee

Considers member and staff issues

Planning committee

Maintaining the town’s interests on planning matters

Strategy and finance committee

Considers financial matters, policies and governance

Tourism, community and publicity committee

Working to develop the town and its community

Town management and highways committee

Managing council services and developing highways’ proposals

Annual meeting of electors

An opportunity to raise any matter about the town

Working groups

Informal groups formed for specific purposes