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Planning Committee

The purpose of the Planning Committee is to ensure the long-term interests of the town are taken into account where planning issues are concerned.

The core membership of the committee for the 2020/21 council year is: Cllr G. Turner, Cllr B. Larcombe MBE, Cllr B. Bawden, Cllr M. Ellis, Cllr J. Broom, Cllr C. Reynolds, and Cllr S. Williams.  

The chairman of the committee for the 2020/21 council year is Cllr G. Turner, with Cllr B. Larcombe as vice-chairman.

View the Planning Committee's terms of reference

2021-22 Agendas
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06-07-2021 Planning Agenda.pdf
2021-22 Minutes
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2021-07-06 Planning minutes.pdf