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Environment Committee

The purpose of the Environment Committee is to research and advise the council on environmental issues, consult external bodies on environmental issues, make recommendations on the council’s policy on environmental issues, to identify and monitor progress against environmental objectives, and to contain spend to approved budget.

Up to six non-members may sit on the committee, with no more than two people from one organisation. Non-members will not have voting rights.

The core membership for the 2023/24 council year is: Cllr C. Aldridge, Cllr B. Bawden, Cllr. S. Cockerell, Cllr B. Larcombe, Cllr P. May, Cllr D. Ruffle, Cllr R. Smith, Cllr G. Stammers and Cllr G. Turner

The chairman for the 2023/24 council year is Cllr R. Smith, with Cllr S. Cockerell as vice-chairman.

View the Environment Committee's terms of reference