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Lyme Regis is twinned with St George’s in Bermuda and Barfleur in France. A tripling is also in place between Lyme Regis, St George’s and Jamestown, USA.

St George's and Jamestown

The town is linked with St George’s because Admiral Sir George Somers, former Lyme Regis mayor and West Dorset MP, founded the island of Bermuda in 1609 when he was shipwrecked there.

The two communities were officially twinned in 1996. Every year, a party from Lyme Regis travels to St George’s to take part in the annual Peppercorn Ceremony, and every July delegates from St George’s make a reciprocal visit to take part in the Somers Parade

The link between the two towns is fostered by the Lyme Regis/St George’s Twinning Association, of which the mayor is president.

In 2015, the town council agreed to form a relationship with both St George’s and the Jamestown Rediscovery Foundation in Jamestown, USA, known as the Historic Atlantic Triangle.

This three-way twinning is in recognition that Admiral Sir George Somers was heading to Jamestown when he was shipwrecked off Bermuda.


Lyme Regis was twinned with the Normandy coastal town of Barfleur in 2013, with the signing of the charter and Declaration of Friendship between the two towns.

The cross-Channel link was formed after Lyme Regis was recommended as a suitable twinning candidate by a former chairman of the Bridport/St Vasst La Hogue Twinning Association.

It was from Barfleur that William the Conquerer sailed for the Norman Conquest of England in 1066.

The relationship between the two towns is upheld by the Lyme Regis/Barfleur Twinning Association.