14 April 2020

COVID-19: Chalet, caravan and day hut site closed until further notice

COVID-19: Chalet, caravan and day hut site closed until further notice

THE chalet, caravan and day hut site in Lyme Regis has been closed until further notice.

Deputy town clerk Mark Green said: “The town council wrote to all owners on the Monmouth Beach site last Wednesday (8 April) notifying them it was formally closed with immediate effect and until further notice.

“The decision by the council to close the site was in no way triggered by the irresponsible actions of individual owners. In fact, the secretary to the residents’ association had written in late-March asking all owners to ‘stay safe and stay away’ from Lyme, and that plea had been responded to very positively.

“The council's actions were prompted by the need to reinforce government advice and by the imminent bank holiday and favourable weather forecast. It was part of a range of measures, including closure of public car parks, all of which were intended to ensure the 'lock down' remained effective.

“Only four properties on the site remain in occupation. Those concerned have written to the council advising of their circumstances and had their occupation approved. All four cases sit properly within the guidelines and advice issued by government.

“The police are aware of the closure of the site and of the continued occupation of the four properties concerned.

“The site is being monitored daily to maintain security and safety.”