13 July 2022

Public Health Dorset issues hot weather advice

Public Health Dorset issues hot weather advice

PUBLIC Health Dorset has shared hot weather advice as a level 3 heat alert is issued.

Advice about how to cope in the heat, taking care of others and what danger signs to look out for has been issued.

If you are planning to get outdoors to enjoy the sunshine and hot weather over the next few days, it is important to be sun safe and enjoy the hot weather in moderation.

Too much sun exposure and hot weather can be a risk to your health, including through dehydration, heatstroke, and heat exhaustion.

Here are the key pieces of advice from Public Health Dorset:

  • Stay hydrated: Carry plenty of water on hot sunny days to prevent dehydration. Drinking plenty of fluids is vital for keeping your body hydrated and reducing the risk of heat exhaustion. Know the symptoms of dehydration.
  • Take shade: Too much sun exposure can cause sunburn and skin damage, which can lead to skin cancer. Spending time in the shade, especially between 11am and 3pm when the sun is at its hottest can reduce the risk of sunburn. Find more sun safety tips.
  • Take extra care of children: Babies and young children are at a higher risk of becoming ill during hot weather. It is important for their health that babies less than six months should be kept out of direct sunlight. Find more information on how to keep babies and children protected during hot weather.
  • Cover up: We all need sunlight for our vitamin D levels, but too much sun exposure can be damaging for your skin. Applying sunscreen regularly and covering up with sunglasses, hats and full-length clothes are some simple sun safety measures that will keep you protected in the sun. Know what sunscreen to use.
  • Check-in on others: Vulnerable people are more at risk when it’s hot for too long. Check that older friends, family and neighbours are coping during hot weather by keeping in touch over the phone. Discover tips for coping with hot weather.
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