07 December 2023

Free thermal camera property surveys for residents of Lyme Regis, Uplyme & Charmouth

Free thermal camera property surveys for residents of Lyme Regis, Uplyme & Charmouth


Community Energy Champions are currently carrying out free thermal camera property surveys for local residents (as well as residents in Uplyme & Charmouth) to identify where energy savings might be possible. Please contact Philip May on 07740 974304 or email energychampslyme@gmail.com before the end of March 2024 to book your survey.

Energy saving tips

- Control your thermostat – keeping it at a slightly lower temperature when possible and/or switching off the heating when you are out (or in bed)

- Make sure all your lightbulbs are energy saving LED ones

- Keep your curtains/blinds drawn at night (to keep heat in), but open to let the sun’s energy in during the day

- Don’t boil more water than you need in your kettle

- Take shortish showers rather than baths

We also know that properties typically lose heat, as follows:

25% through the roof – addressable with good loft insulation at least 270mm thick

35% through walls (harder to deal with although wall insulation products are available)

10% through windows and doors (double glazing and good door insulation will help here)

At least another 15% is lost through draughts

Lyme Regis now has a new tool to help us reduce heat loss from our properties – the thermal imaging camera.

This clever little gadget can help you find cold spots in your property where heat is getting out and the cold is getting in.

It works best in autumn/winter when your house is (hopefully) warm and it’s cold outside.

It looks a bit like a gun with a screen. You point it at the area of your house you’d like to investigate and instantly you get a colour picture of the temperature of that area.

Basically white (very hot), red (hot) and orange indicate warm spots (therefore areas of potential heat loss), and blue through to dark purple show the cold areas.

Once identified you can decide whether more insulation, better glazing or draught proofing is required to prevent unwanted heat loss.

Lyme Regis area energy champions have two of these thermal imaging cameras that we can offer to survey your property.

The first was sponsored by Lyme Regis Town Council while the second was purchased with a grant from Dorset Community Energy.

Philip May,
Lyme Regis Area Energy Champion

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