11 July 2018

Marine Parade toilets re-open after £80,000 refurbishment

Marine Parade toilets re-open after £80,000 refurbishment

The public toilets on Lyme Regis seafront have re-opened following major refurbishment.

The Marine Parade toilets were opened to the public on Saturday after 10 weeks of construction work.

Lyme Regis Town Council spent almost £80,000 on overhauling the toilets next to the amusement arcade and aimed to re-open them before the summer holidays.

The new unisex toilets feature ceramic toilets, sinks with state-of-the-art taps and hand dryers, an improved ventilation system, a bespoke sink and dryer for children, baby changing facilities, floor-to-ceiling cubicles and doors, and a new plumbing system.

The disabled toilet has also been revamped and is accessible from the outside of the building.

Councillors had a first look at the new bright green toilet block before they were opened to the public.

Cllr John Broom, chairman of the council’s Town Management and Highways Committee, said: “The Marine Parade toilets are in a prime position on Lyme Regis seafront and the standard of the facilities has not been good enough in the past.

“The old toilets didn’t reflect well on the town and despite the council’s best efforts to keep them clean, they desperately needed modernising.

“The council wanted a high standard of refurbishment, while also recognising the facilities had to cope with a high level of usage.

“The council is very pleased with the finished product and feels it was worth the investment.

“We now have public toilets we can be proud of and the council will do everything it can to ensure they are kept clean and well-maintained.”

The council is now planning on carrying out some repairs to the Candles on the Cobb Pavilion toilets at Anning Road playing field.

Photo: From left, Lyme Regis town councillors Stan Williams, Steve Miller, Jeff Scowen, mayor Michaela Ellis, Cheryl Reynolds and Richard Doney have a first look at the refurbished Marine Parade toilets

Photo:The new-look Marine Parade toilets in Lyme Regis