04 January 2018

Archive film evening in Lyme Regis reveals Dorset heritage

Archive film evening in Lyme Regis reveals Dorset heritage

An evening of archive films in Lyme Regis revealed Dorset life dating back over 80 years.

The one-off archive film evening at the Marine Theatre, Those were the Days, was financially supported by Lyme Regis Town Council.

Cllr Jeff Scowen attended the show and presented the organisers with a cheque for £239.60.

The silent films of Dorset life were accompanied with traditional songs, performed by a group of Lyme Regis singers and musicians, working in partnership with the charity Windrose Rural Media Trust.

The audience experienced Dorset heritage with films about traditional farming, fishing and local industry.

Cllr Scowen said: ‘What a wonderful evening. And so nice to see some real films in the digital age that we now live in.

“It was a truly magical evening of old cine films, interspersed by wonderful live singing and music.

“We were treated to bygone scenes of local cider making, rope making, farming and the like.

“Yes, those were indeed the days and we at the town council were proud to support the event.”

The show was co-produced by Jeremy Hayes, director of Lyme Regis Festivals which runs Lyme Folk Weekend, and folk singer Amanda Boyd from Windrose Rural Media Trust.

Mr Hayes said: “The show went really well, and we were very pleased that such a large number of people came to see it.

“We had a really amazing response from our audience, who loved the music and the archive films, especially the ones of Lyme which had not been seen here before.

“We greatly appreciate the support of the council, who helped us pay for some of the technical aspects of the production. We couldn’t have done it without them.”

Photo: Lyme Regis town councillor Jeff Scowen, centre, presents a cheque to Jeremy Hayes and Amanda Boyd, co-producers of Those were the Days