18 March 2022

Gardens' lights turn to blue and yellow in support of Ukraine

Gardens lights turn to blue and yellow in support of Ukraine

THE lights in Langmoor and Lister Gardens have turned to blue and yellow to express our solidarity with Ukraine.

The council wants to show its support for the war-torn country and will be considering ways it can help at a meeting on 23 March. 

We will be considering a financial donation to a charity operating overseas, most likely to be the Disasters Emergency Committee or the British Red Cross, and whether to fly the Ukrainian flag from our buildings.

The council can also show its support by holding vigils or moments of silence at its meetings and signing up to the statement from the political leadership of the Council of European Municipalities and Regions (CEMR).

The statement ‘strongly condemns the multiple attacks and violations of the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine’ and ‘firmly opposes the dismemberment of a free and democratic state in Europe’.

We can also use our website and social media to express our support, as well as signpost to information on charities and aid agencies, and make our buildings, vehicles and staff available to help with aid efforts.

We’re also anticipating some Lyme Regis residents may house Ukrainian refugees so we will consider how we can support them while they are here.