03 June 2021

New macebearers needed to join council’s civic party

New macebearers needed to join council’s civic party

THE council is seeking new people to help uphold the town’s civic pride and traditions by becoming a macebearer.

Macebearers accompany the mayoral party at civic and ceremonial events, wearing traditional robes and carrying the ancient maces.

Events include the Mayor-making ceremony, the civic church service, Remembrance Day parade, Somers Day parade and civic night.

The tradition of macebearers accompanying the mayor can be traced back in history.

By Royal Charter, the Mayor and Corporation of the Borough of Lyme Regis were granted authority to manage the town on behalf of the King.

As a symbol of that authority, the borough was entitled to have ceremonial maces to be carried before the Mayor by the macebearers, who were in attendance to protect and defend the honour of the First Citizen.

In 1757 the silver maces were presented to the borough by Thomas Fane to celebrate the appointment of his son, John, as Mayor of Lyme Regis.

To this day, the two identical George II silver maces are carried at the head of mayoral processions by the town's macebearers.

Anyone who is interested in joining the civic party as a macebearer or would like more information about the role can contact Kerry Weekley on 01297 445175 or assistant@lymeregistowncouncil.gov.uk

Please note this is a voluntary role.